The Francis Family

Friday, March 20, 2015

For reals

Sometimes I vent. Ok fine, all the time. Hey talking is good. Keeping it in, bad guys. 

Life is so repetitive! 
Let's feed the kids. Clean the house. Who am I kidding, like tidy the one main floor people see. Change the baby. Throw the laundry in, oh hell I forgot to change the laundry over last time, redo laundry. Feed baby. Baby nap. Maybe shower? Clean house... Again. How the eff is it noon already?? Feed kids AGAIN. Clean up mess from feeding said kids. Remember all the things you remembered while in bed last night. Wash daughters gym wrist bands, she's asked like a hundred times. Try and feel like a good mom and do something productive with the kids. Ha just kidding again, go play on the the basement. Why do people show up when the house ISN'T clean when I clean it ALL THE TIME?! I just vacuumed and the floor looks dirty. These damn couch pillows and blankets are over rated and NEVER properly stay put. As if I live in a show home and they stay there. Hilarious. When did I mop last? Or clean the upstairs bathroom shower? Does it matter it gets washed every day anyways when people shower right? K cool. Line up shoes, hang up coats. How is it supper?! Cook supper. No one likes peas, or this sauce... It has RED things in it. Well duh. I should have known. Eat it or starve. I am not a Resturaunt peeps. Home work. Tidy rooms and get the bleep in bed. 

That's not just one day specifically, more like a jumble of random things but I am TIRED guys! So tired. When the husband works all this overtime to buy us a house that I swear will never happen... It's exhausting. We have the worst luck. (Taking donations at any amount by the way, maybe I should do one of those go fund me things. I'm sure people will feel bad for us and donate right?) But he works his ass off for us and it's great and all but man my sanity pays for it! 

I don't want to seem like life is always rough because it's not! It's just busy. Non stop. Sometimes I just need a break. I need ME time!! I don't even remember what that's like! Dustin gets to leave everyday and be himself at a job. Today I told him I would totally go in for him, I could forsure be an electrician. I'm smart, I'll figure it out. I think some day soon I will be locked up and gone cray cray. I feel it comin. 
Maybe I just need a house. Somewhere to stay organized with some space. I think we deserve it. I don't know what to do different lately but just keep going and we will get there. We chose to have these 5 little people and would never trade anything for that but sometimes it's so frustrating just when we think we are getting close, something else comes up. It's funny once we get into a house how much money we will actually save each month. It doesn't make sense at all but it's true. We will be on the housing plan with Suncor but it's just getting there. It's so frustrating and I don't know what else to do to get there but we just keep plugging away taking one day at a time and staying positive. Some things are so easy for some people and some things are so so hard!! I would just love for it to work out for us this year. I have the hardest working husband in the world. He would work day and night if it was offered to get us a house and he does! I'm so grateful for his career and our future he has given us. It's been a process but I know it'll be worth it. 

These little people are the best thing that have happened to us and if we have to live in a box I would because some people have it way worse than us so I try to be thankful for what we do have every day. So these days where I can barely function I'm so tired and worn out, it's so worth it. It really does sound crazy doesn't it. All that chaos and stress each day is actually worth it! 

There is nothing in life without goals. To constantly get better and somewhere new in life. I always life live as if it's our only chance at everything because It really is! You're only young once and you only live once, so make it a good one! 

I realized this was a very personal post for me, more than usual because it hit a spot that eats at us daily and I've shed many tears over. I know everyone has their struggles and ours are minor compared to many. I'm grateful for what we do have. I see it in these 5 faces every. day. Love them. 

And I need a nap. 

Sunday, March 08, 2015

International woman's day

Guess what... I'm blogging so I'm bored as can be! So since today it's International Woman's Day. I, of course think about how amazing of a woman I have become. 
Just kidding. 
I actually did reflect on who I am as a woman and had some thoughts come to mind.
This year I turn 30 and I can't say enough how much I have learned in my twenties. 
I had 5 kids, including twins, moved a few times and have done numerous small companies etc. But none of this can explain how much I've grown as a person and how I've become who I finally think I'm meant to be. 

I reflect on myself a lot. Am I a nice person. I think so. Am I forgiving. Depends how bad you piss me off. Am I patient. Ask my husband. Am I happy. Ask my therapist... kidding. 
These are some things that are important to who I am so I'm constantly working on them and more, many more.  
There's one thing I have learned that is so important in becoming a good mom and wife and that is to take care of myself first. I used to think it was selfish but I saw the downfall when I didn't take care of myself. I went through some postpartum after having Laken off and on and it was really hard. I realized who was there for me in life and who I can really rely on in times of need. I also learned how important it is for me to be happy and healthy in order to be the mom and wife I need to be. If times get tough, which trust me they do, I make sure I do not let myself get to the point where I'm sinking. I have amazing sisters, an amazing husband and an amazing sister in law who I would say are my most important people I can rely on. Sometimes just talking it out is all I need. Holding it in just makes you crazy. Sometimes it's literally Dustin taking Parks while I cook and clean. Who knew I would actually WANT to do those things but just being me in my own head while I focus on a task truly helps escape the chaos sometimes. I mean I'd take a spa day too... Ahem, Dustin. 

I am in NO way perfect. I get impatient, I yell at my kids, my house is never 100% clean, we have kraft dinner and sandwiches for lunch way too often, and I don't sit and read to my kids every night. Hell I don't even read. That's why we have Kyla. But you know what, I never stress about these things. I don't stress about the small stuff and that makes a huge difference in my life. I also don't let other peoples stresses or drama get to me, it's not allowed. If it doesn't affect my husband and kids I brush it off.

Another major thing I do want to touch on is how much I've let go of what other people think about me. I used to care. I cared about the choices I made in life if people approved of them but I (we) came to the realization that no matter what choice you make in life, there will always be someone who doesn't approve. ALWAYS. So we choose what's best for us and our kids and that's all that matters. No one else's opinion matters. This has changed our life in the best way and we are the happiest we've ever been! It's amazing when you start living your life for you and not others. It's also cool to see who accepts you for the way you choose to live! 

I can't explain the amount of growth I have done in the last 5 years. I'm still Mindy, and I still feel like I'm 16 questioning who gave me all this responsibility! But, I'm becoming everything I WANT to be. I try to be the best of me I can be everyday and that's all that matters. I hope I can set an example to my girls of what kind of woman, mother and wife they want to grow into. Even if it's one thing they look up to me for then I will feel like I've conquered the world. 

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Friends for life

Alrighty. My favorite time if day. Bedtime. It's teachers convention week and I have a house full of kids with croup. So as Juan Pablo would say, "es not ok". 
Plus it's night 3 of night shift for the other half. But we are surviving. On top of this all, I've cooked supper every night. I know right. I deserve a medal or something. 

So anyways I want to do a post of a few things about two of my favorite people. Jayci and Presley. 

When I was pregnant with these twin girls I read a book on, well, twins. One thing that always stuck with me is they talked about them being individuals and how to not group them together all the time as the "twins". I mean of course I call them that here and there but I have always tried not too. When they were born it was fun to dress them in twinner outfits that were two different colors but as soon as they started school I wanted them to be separate people so I no longer bought them clothing that was the same. If I do it's shoes or jackets or something like that but I try not to get the same. I can't handle spending twice the money on the same shirt and pants. I'd rather buy two outfits and their wardrobe has more options. So you can see how it's been great lately when all they ask is that they want to dress the "SAME MOM". Well that bit me in the ass didn't it. Well too bad. So they find things that are similar. 

It's so great how close they are. They are best friends and love spending time together. One time we were sitting at the table and Presley was asking if her and Jayci could have a day with just them and no other sisters around so it could be their twin day. So I planned this entire special day and went all out... Who am I kidding, I totally forgot like 5 minutes later until right now. Whoops. Clearly she did too... 

I was debating splitting them up in school next year but they really don't want to be so maybe the year after. I want them to become separate people and find their own group of friends and see how it goes. This year there are 3 sets of twins in their class! All girls! So they are actually really best friends with the one set of twins. It's awesome. Oh they also have a "friend" named Andrew. They have this little love triangle between the 3 of them. They talk about kids having crushes but of course they don't have a crush on anyone. You should see Presley's face when we ask. Straight as can be with a little "no" and she will not crack. BUT they both draw him pictures and his mom sends me pics of them. I die. 

It's funny how it doesn't really feel any different having twins now. Compared to them as babies hauling around two car seats, nursing two at the same time (for a year), waking up in the night to two babies. All that stuff is over and we just have two girls who look alike and are the same age! The other day I got asked if they were triplets. Them and Kyla... The two girls are so tall. They are in the 99 percentile for their height. Guess they take after their dad and Kyla takes after me. We always said it would be funny to see how tall our kids turn out with us two being so drastically different. 

Anyways this baby won't stay asleep. It's like why bother going to bed when you're going to wake up anyways. It's harder being woken up, right? Ya right, I love sleep. I'm so happy my kids can get up and fend for themselves for breakfast and let me sleep. They rock. We taught them how to pour a bowl of cereal and turn on the tv like as soon as they could walk. So smart. 

Well off to get this boy back to bed then watch real housewives. One of my favs. Getting entertainment out of other peoples drama is the best. Too good. And maybe I'll change my shirt. I've smelled like baby puke for a few hours now. Good thing my husbands not home or he wouldn't come near me. On the other hand maybe I should wear this shirt tomorrow again... 

I'm off. We love these two sweet girls. They really are beyond thoughtful and have the biggest caring hearts I've ever seen. Makes me one proud mama! 

Tuesday, February 10, 2015


Oh goodness. My patience is gone and I'm spent. It's like I'm the energizer bunny and I have no choice to keep going and going... 

Oh sweetie you peed your pants for the hundredth time, sure I'll help you get new ones. 
Oh you don't want that for supper? No problem, you can be done. 
You have no clean clothes? Sure I'll wash them. 
You're fighting with your sister AGAIN? Sure I'll referee that damn chaos. 
You don't like the 100 shirts I bought for you? You bet just keep wearing your favorite 3, no problem hunny!
You want to scream and laugh in the shower while your baby brother is napping, go for it. Sing some songs while you're at it. Or slide around on the floor of the tub. That's super quiet when you do that. You bet.
You wanna argue with me over why you got in trouble? Well I'll just stop and you tell me how I should of handled that. You are after all. 8. You're the smartest in the land! 
Oh hi girls, welcome home from school, just plow through the house and throw your school papers wherever. I'll get to them later, it's all good. Alllll good my friends. 
Your sister had the iPad and wants to play minecraft and you don't like it because you want to play so you stole it and told her she's not allowed. You are totally right. If anyone gets to play, it's you. Duh.
Is your mitten not on right? It's ok just keep freaking out in the grocery store while I get your brother in his car seat. It totally helps. In fact just keep saying it over and over. That ALWAYS works. 

Some days it's like a downward spiral eh? Some days I don't want to have the patience for these shenanigans. That's a really ugly word written out by the way. Shenanigans. 
Anyways, they know how to push your buttons some days! I love my kids, I really do. But man alive. If I could record my days sometimes I'd make a fortune. Not everyday, but some. You just gotta keep going though! No one else is going to do it for ya. No one else can be their mom or dad. In amongst all this chaos tonight, lucky Dustin gets to run off to work while I get to tuck these 5 kiddos to bed. It's more like throw them in, put the blankets on, kiss, see ya. Pure bliss right there. 

Well. Tomorrow's a new day.
got this. 

Friday, January 30, 2015


How do I do it? Which I get ALL the time. Well let's go through an average day for myself. 
Wake up at 645 get the girls ready for school, baby fed and changed, start the car and leave out the door for 8am school. Get back home and put Parks down for a nap (usually in the swing but we don't judge right?) Then I re clean the tornado everyone left in the house. Shower or just get myself and Laken ready. Do a couple loads of laundry and fold them. Call my sister in the states some days because both of us have the busiest lives ever. Feed Laken and I lunch somewhere in there. Tend to Parks if he's fussy, feed him, change him... You get the idea. Then at 215 we leave to get the girls. On gymnastics/dance days which is is 2 and 3 times a week we come home and all 3 older girls get their dance/gym stuff on, scarf down a snack and we run downtown to drop Kyla off to gym. Then up back to dance, drop the twins off, then go home for about 15 mins then pick the twins back up again. Then home and eat supper which usually I have to have cooking or in the slow cooker or it's something quick to throw together. Try and fit homework in there somewhere... Then we go get Kyla for 7 and come home. Bedtime snack for the younger ones and supper for Kyla, then pjs, brush teeth and bed for 8. Then Kyla bed because she likes to take her sweet time. Then Parks bed... 
I get to clean up the tornado once again and then my now new routine includes a workout even a quick one matters and then I watch a show or two and then bed! LOVE my show time. I've been watching Greys on netflix and it's my happy time. I have lots I pvr as well so I'm always good to go.
That's an average day for us. 
These are a few key things for myself to stay sane. 
1. Constantly tidy. If you leave it it becomes a huge job later and that really sucks. 
2. Make your kids help with the tidying! This one is huge. We live in a smaller place so it gets messy FAST. Also they need to appreciate how to take care of a home and respect it. 
3. Plan meals and prep. Ok I slack on this one sometimes and I always regret it but it helps so much when I do this! 
4. Get yourself ready everyday, even if it's throw on some simple makeup and freshen up that hair. I've been experimenting with my makeup these days and I'm loving it. Simple shadow, blush, mascara, brows (a must!), and lipgloss. You'd be surprised how quick it can be and it makes you feel so much better! 
5. Have a good husband. ;) I could NOT do it without Dustin. Plus he has an amazing new shift that let's him be home a lot more and it's a life saver. 
6. On down days where they aren't busy with activities, get the bigger chores done. Bathrooms etc. 
7. When you do a load of laundry FOLD IT and PUT IT AWAY! This one took me a long time to actually get in the habit of and since I've done it it's made a world of a difference!! And it's not even that hard. Who knew!?
8. Take time for yourself!! Everyone is different in what works and I still sometimes don't always know what I need to get that me time but it's very important.
9. Make your kids afraid of you. Just kidding. Well kind of. Discipline is THE most important thing when being and parent and it's probably the hardest! You're kids need to respect you as the parent and it may come across as mean but you are the PARENT first not their friend. Too many kids these days have no respect for adults and mine will not be those kids. I think this has been a main reason why I have well behaved kids. I LOVE the book written by Michelle Borba called the Big Book of Parenting. It's awesome. Any problem you're having with your child is in there and it tells you exactly how to deal with it. I can't suggest it enough. 

So those would be my main points on "how I do it". It's chaos some days and I the first 3 months of Parks life are kind of a blur but we made it through and are back into a normal life routine. 
I got married young and had kids young and pretty much had to learn as I went. I had to figure what worked and what didn't. I try not to let the little things get to me. I said "try" Dustin, so stop looking at me with those judgey eyes! 
My kids are amazing. I couldn't have 5 kids without them being so well behaved and I'm forever grateful for that. Don't get me wrong there are days where I'd pay someone to take them. Kyla and Laken will be the ones to give me grey hairs I'm sure of it! I rarely sit here and make my kids crafts or bake with them. Ain't nobody got time for that. I teach my kids to be creative on their own and not depend on me for keeping them entertained. My kids could be in an empty room and still keep themselves happy. 
I'm definitely not "super mom" as I hear all the time. I fail. I wanna give up. I threaten to run away at least once month and you'd be entertained by the texts I send my husband some days. But. I love my life, I LOVE having a big family! It's the best decision we've ever made and I'm so lucky to have this family. It's constantly changing and we are growing together and we have one amazing future to look forward too! But if one more person asks me if I'm having another baby I may punch them. The answer is HELL. NO. This body is done. It's maxed out. It's stretched out. And my sanity is hanging in there, so let's not push it. K? K. 

Saturday, November 08, 2014


No body tells you these things ya know. On what to expect when becoming a parent. The list is a mile long and that's just for me! Can you imagine the list for each parent out there? Every kid is different so then the way you parent is different.
It's funny what we take for granted. I've been through this baby thing before but we get this disease as moms where you forget everything right after it happens. Such as delivering a baby, waking up a million times in the night, or hauling around a car seat, which by the way I have bruises on my leg from. For real, numerous bruises! Who makes these things? They should be shot. At least pad the sides or something genius. I'll invent it. I already patent the idea so don't steal it.
Before Parks was born, I got a full nights sleep, I got to shower everyday, I was even bored a lot. I know, who's bored with 4 kids?? Me. Well I ain't bored no more! You know how I always got comments on "how do you do it?!" Or "you must be so busy!" Well I was busy but honestly my kids are so independent and really well behaved, and I taught them to be like that, that I had the time I needed to shower, cook, clean (which is so overrated by the way, like who does that anymore?) but I was sane. These days, not so much! As I type this my 3 year old is yelling at me "mom I got a really big poop out, it's so big! Come wipe my bum." Awesome. So while I'm nursing I wipe the bum. It's all about multi tasking. 

Anyways, this brings me to my baby. He is colic. We thought at first he had reflux and he's still on the meds but nope nothing changed. I got him another appointment because my sanity was going out the window and yep he's colic. I haven't had a colic baby before so this is all new to me. I guess 1 out of 5 is pretty good. It's a good way to seal the deal too! If anyone wants to invent a medication for colic, you'd be a millionaire.
But for reals, I'm going insane. Some days are better, some are bad, and some are holy hell I'm gonna jump out of the moving car into oncoming traffic bad. 
Ok that's a little exaggerated, I take back the oncoming traffic. 
Some things are timed so perfect. Dustin just got switched this week to a new shift. It's 6 on, 6 off. He will get 6 days off in a row! All my sanity can come back! He's on his last night shift then 6 days off. I told him I'm taking a good break while he's off, see ya in a year or so, I think I pumped two bags of milk for him, you'll be good. By the way, no one tells you, pumping sucks. I've always hated it. I literally have two tiny bags pumped and those become gold ya know. I'm very proud of those bags. 

I always said, I'm not having kids just for right now I'm having them for the future. 
I can't wait to have this big family to watch grow up and everything that comes with it. My love is spread to so many people and I couldn't be happier. (Well aside from all the colic shiz) All the sleepless nights and raw nipples are worth it. These little people friggin rock. 

That's all for now. I needed something to pass the time for these night shifts and that's what's on my mind. 
Looks like I'm back to blogging! 

Thursday, November 06, 2014


I have a son. 
I also have 5 kids! It sounds crazier when you say it out loud. That's a lie, it IS crazy. But I love it. 

I figured it was time to document his birth story before I forget it. Because that's what happens when you have babies, you forget things. And I had 5, so I'm screwed. Try remembering your kids birthdays AND birth years when someone asks on the spot. Bad mom. Bad. Anyways back to the story. I woke up at about 6am with some cramping but didn't think anything of it because it happened a lot and would just go away eventually. Dust was off but he had a side job he left to go do at about 8. I had a prenatal appt at 11 and Dustin was going to be back home to watch the girls. I showered and started getting ready when I clued in the cramping was getting stronger. It hit me I could be in labour. So I text Jill to see if she could take the girls so Dustin could come with me to my appt. Ya I still wanted to go because my labours are very long so I figured I have plenty of time if I was and he could tell me at my appt and I could go home for a bit. So we went to my appt and at this point I was having to breathe through contractions. The doctor was at the hospital and the wait could have been hours (usually is) so they told me to just go to the hospital which was a block away. So we did. Got checked and put on the monitor and yup was in labour but early labour, I think I was 2-3cm. So she told us to go to the cafeteria and grab some food and come back. So I decided we should go home instead, pack bags for the girls and get what I needed. Still contracting away. We dropped off the girls bag and I was hungry so we went to Tim's and got food. Who doesn't do that? But Dust made me stay in the truck so I wasn't having contractions in line... Anyways, a couple hours later we went back to the hospital. I was 4cm... Told ya, long ass labours. So they decided to admit me and then said they'd help me get going by breaking my water in the next little bit. I got admitted at about 1pm. We waited and waited, I walked a bit and paced the room. There was only one doctor on call and he ended up getting called to back to back emergency c sections. I think it was 6 or 7 and my contractions got really strong so she checked me and I was 4-5. Killer. At about 11 the doctor finally came in and broke my water. Half hr later my contractions were getting painful so I decided to get an epidural because I was exhausted. I needed to rest a bit before baby came. Got the epidural and a little but later they put me on the drip. I fell asleep as soon as the epidural kicked in for about an hr. They checked me and I was still 5cm so that's when they started the drip while I was sleeping. 30 minutes later I was screaming in pain and yelling at the nurse that the epidural wasn't working. She checked me and I was 9 almost 10 cm. She told me to turn on my side and within minutes I said I was needing to push. Doctor was in there and I started pushing. One push and his shoulders were out, he actually told me to stop in the middle of pushing... Then told me to cough and he was out! It was long then super insanely fast! I went from 5-10cm in 30 minutes and I felt it all! Oh and our photographer barely made it, she walked in as I was ready to push! She was lucky to get the pics she did because it was so fast. She came earlier to take some pics while I was in labour then left for a bit. 

So that's his story. 
Parks Dustin Francis 
6lbs 10oz and 20in
Sept 13th 2014 3:40am 

Dustin chose his name and I loved it. It was set since I was a few months pregnant. 

We love this little man to death! 
More posts to come. Lots to catch up on! 

Monday, June 09, 2014

My pregnancy necessities

So I figured since this is the last time I'm probably going to be pregnant, i'd document a little more about it.

I'm a simple gal. Well for the most part... Anyways, I don't have very many "needs" while i'm pregnant but here is a list of what I DO need! 

1. Diclectin- I am sick every single pregnancy. This time it hit me a little later but because I was so sick, I was pretty sure it was a girl again. So I take diclectin the entire time. If I think I'm in the clear, I stop taking it and pay the price. Kind of like today. Although I didn't decide to stop taking it, I just fell asleep two nights in a row in bed while watching tv. I gave Dustin the responsibility of making sure I take it and my prenatal vitamin. He is so much better at it than I am. Except when he falls asleep in bed too! So i'm sure feeling it today. The crappy thing is even if I take it in the morning, it does nothing! So I'm pretty much sick the whole day...

2. Coconut oil- This pregnancy is the first time I used it but I rub it on my belly after I shower. I love it! It's oily but meh. Not that I care about stretch marks since too much since I already have them but maybe I'll be lucky and the old ones will just re stretch again and I won't get new ones! Does that happen? I dunno. 

3. A tan- When I first got pregnant I warned Dustin that I was going to do everything it takes to make myself feel better while pregnant. One thing I wanted was spray tans. I feel so much better when i'm tanned! So I got a few and they were awesome but they are pretty expensive so I invested in a self tanner and it is AMAZING!! I will never spend money on a tan again. It's called St. Tropez Bronzing mousse. It is the nicest color! Even just one coat is a nice simple glow and if you want to be darker a couple days later put more on. It's not orange at all. I got it at shoppers and it was $50 but worth every penny. It doesn't rub on on my clothing or wash off after one shower. It really is awesome stuff.  

4. Get ready- I get asked ALL THE TIME, "How do you have the time to get ready with 4 kids?" Well I make time! My kids are used to me taking that time to get ready so they never bother me, I've trained them well ;)  I feel WAY better when I get ready. Even a small freshen up. Wash face, makeup and a messy bun and put something decent on. Sweats and a cute tshirt totally count! As long as I feel half dressed i'm good. Lately it's about comfort when i'm home so I live in my sweats or black sweat shorts and a T or tank. Done. 

5. Slurpees- enough said.

6. A good wardrobe- This is something I didn't have before and I felt so gross the entire pregnancy. It's so important to have clothes you feel good in, especially pregnant! I'm a budget shopper so I have made a couple orders to Pinkblush and they have THE cutest maternity clothes and the best prices by far! Anything else I have boughten is from regular stores in larger sizes. But it makes such a difference to have clothes I actually feel good in! Also I have bought a few pair of pants that aren't maternity but I purchased the Baby Belt. That thing is genius. I highly recommend that. 

7. Baths- I can't say enough how much I love baths when pregnant. That pressure in my back and hips from the belly pulling and growing kills. I especially love the "kicked in the crotch" feeling. If you've had it, you know what i'm talking about. Anyways so at the end of the day when everything hurts I jump in the tub. It works EVERY TIME. I can't stay in long so it's only like 5-10 minutes and i'm out. ha. But seriously, they rock. 

8. My other half- Can you believe I've been pregnant 3 times before now and never had a pregnancy pillow?! Me either. So this time I invested in one. It's the BEST thing i've ever bought for pregnancy. BEST! It takes the cake. The one I got is called the Snoozer and man alive, just thinking about it makes me want to go get it. That thing has changed my life and also replaced my husband in the bed. Thank goodness we have a King. See you in 4ish more months honey. 

So that's all. 
My sister wanted a belly pic last night so I sent her this. I couldn't leave out my other half. Can you feel the love?

You're welcome.


Thursday, June 05, 2014

Jayci and Presley's Bday!

This year I wanted to keep birthdays simple. Main reason being i'm pregnant and last year I went all out so I didn't feel like doing that again this year. Besides I don't want my girls expecting extravagant parties every year. I decided to do their party at Menchies! How fun right? You pat per kid and they decorate for you, you get a tshirt to color, party hat, and menchies in a waffle cone. They also clean up for you! It was worth every penny and i've spent more than that on home parties. It was great! We were also lucky enough to have Sarah come to face painting for us. She is amazing! I will hire her anyday! So that was an awesome bonus for the kids. It was easy, fun and the kids had a blast. My kind of party!

Be prepared for lots of pics. I actually used my real camera!

Yes the twins are tall. They are in the 90% for height or something...


Awesome face painting eh?

So they asked for Furblings for their bday and I've told them over and over no. Kyla got a Furby for her bday and I said one is enough. But the day before their bday we were in walmart and they were just sitting there on the shelf. I had too. Besides their bday morning Jayci's like, "I know what we are getting for our birthday, a furbling!" So thank goodness I got them. I think they were a bit excited! 

We also got them our original plan of new bikes! They can't even ride them. They still have training wheels on their small bikes. The next nice day we are teaching them on the smaller bikes with no training wheels! I'm determined this year. Last year I just wanted to pull my hair out. ha.

Our family pic went over good... Thanks Laken! 

Good times. I didn't even care. 

So that's it! I would highly recommend having a party at Menchies anyday!! Happy 6th birthday girls!!